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Cosmic Cats 420 are mutant cats that survived the eco-apocalypse of 2420 and now roam the galaxy while time-traveling back to the present year to educate humans on the error of our ways before it’s too late and the world is completely plasticized. Each Cosmic Cat is handcrafted and sale proceeds will go to saving street cats around the planet.

The story of the

After the eco-apocalypse of 2420, only one species survived and eventually escaped to space – the Cosmic Cats of Tulum, Mexico. Everything on earth had died by then, as the ocean became fully plasticified, corals and plastic fused together to create mutant poisonous spawning events that slowly asphyxiated all species in the ocean.

Plastic fused with coral found in Sian Kaán Biosphere Reserve, October 2021.

The average human consumption of plastic went from one credit card of plastic a month to several a day. Plants fused with plastic bottles similar to how coral fused with plastic in the ocean – food became poisonous and global warming heating the planet accelerated plastic deterioration, creating more methane gas and emitting contaminated rays that fused with air molecules so that all beings were not only ingesting plastic through their food and water but also breathing it.

And on land, the plastification of the planet largely mirrored its path in the ocean, with all terrestrial beings feeling its impact, even humans. In spite of having ample warning of impending eco-catastrophe, humanity refused to act, and because of its addiction to plastic, was not able to save itself even though the signs were clear. A combination of greed and cognitive dissonance overcame humanity and prevented humans from taking action, when it was clear plastic was infiltrating everything, even their own bodies.

Astro Cat

Astro Cat is a multidimensional metaverse dream maker that reveals the secrets of manifestation and the universe’s astral truths, helping humans see their infinite potential on earth. Astro Cat gives humans the overview effect and is essential in creating cosmic mindshifts that lift global consciousness and inspire action. Astro Cat is a cosmic totum that unbounds each of our inner Cosmic Super Heroes

Catrina Catavera

Catrina Catavera is an extremely rare Cosmic Cat 420, one of the few that mutated to have human eyes. Her superpower is her ability to fly between two worlds, the world of the living and the world of the dead. As she flows between the dimensions of life and death, she is able to summon your ancestral strengths and lift you with the gifts of your ancestors. Catrina sees with human eyes, which give her empathy with all of humanity with whom she shares sacred earth wisdom from her crystal-encrusted heart.


Galaxy Cat is the bridge between Cosmic Cats 420 analog and digital worlds. As the analog Cosmic kitty, Galaxy mirrors her mother Van Gogh’s markings – digital Galaxy Cosmic Cat 420 is a cosmic reflection of humanity. She reflects you in your universal glow, at your most expansive, reflecting your light, your beautiful golden hues, the reflection that you give when you are living your best life. Galaxy Cat shows you as you are meant to be, infinite love.

Jacques Catsteau

Jacques Catsteau is your guide into magical other worlds. He shows humans the mystical and powerful secrets of the sea illuminated by his space submarine and mystical aquatic super scuba armor that gives Jacques Catsteau the ability to share his quantum vibrations interdimensionally.  Jacques Catsteau is a dream totem that dives into places of power and imminent death to uncover the disasters of plastic pollution and show humans how to create energy from plastic waste and raise their galactic frequencies to achieve enlightenment.

KuKul Cat

KulKul Cat is a mystical Mayan cat with the power to align all of the planets in the galaxy to make dreams come true. KulKul Cat is able to see pure intention and shares his energetic superpowers only with humans that are truly in alignment with their planetary system and caring for the Earth. KulKul Cat is a conduit to higher knowledge, abundance, and universal flow. KulKul Cat opens the portal to infinite prosperity.

Van Gogh

Van Gogh’s gift is the power of manifestation through art. She paints the world as she sees its magical and harmonious future, a future where humans live in balance with nature because we see ourselves as part of nature, as we are.

Her purpose is to show us what is possible, to help us dream of our future today, because loving nature is loving ourselves. She shows us our future harmonious selves in her mystical art to inspire us today.

Punk Cat

Punk Cat is no rebel without a cause. Punk Cat was born to rock the galaxy; she is a fierce protector of outsiders and is a totem of strength and courage. She shows us how to face and overcome our fears through bold action. Punk Cat’s quantum guitar melodies reverberate through the galaxy to reach earth and create vibrational syncronicities for earth healing.

Celestial Cat

Celestial Cat is a warrior angel that was born in the clouds. Celestial Cat connects humanity to its divine essence and love of nature. Her ethereal gaze provides otherworldly ascendance and her astral iron sword cuts through lies and evil to reveal humanity’s true nature. Celestial Cat also comes with a very rare “weapon for good”.

of tulum

Cosmic Cats 420 know that the only way for humanity to survive is for there to be massive shift in mindset. Humans must learn to care more for the earth and all living beings to reverse the tide of the planet’s plasticification. Through their education, Cosmic Cats will help humans realize that plastic is in fact not waste, but that it can be transformed into energy that can be used instead of fossil fuels.

Ten percent of the proceeds of all Cosmic Cat 420 NFT sales will be allocated to help save the street cats of Tulum, by getting them veterinary care and homes where possible.



















Van Gogh and her kitties are street cats of Tulum, Mexico. Van Gogh’s eyes tell a sad but hopeful story, she desires love but has never felt human compassion. Your NFT purchase goes directly to the care of Van Gogh’s kittens, Galaxy, Cosmos, and Jupiter, who are currently being cared for until they can be adopted into loving homes.

Van Gogh’s baby daddy Jerome is a lover, literally. Cosmic Cat funds will go to helping Jerome not impregnate more young mamas like Van Gogh and if Jerome is willing, find him a loving home as well.

Each Cosmic Cat 420 is handcrafted with unique and magical embellishments that give them each their superpowers. Each cat carries with it a LOVE for nature and the desire to take care of the all earthly beings. 

Your NFT is a symbol of hope to world’s Street Cats in search of loving homes, that long to be free from hunger and danger, and that so desperately desire love and care. Your NFT supports their dreams to one day become a Cosmic Cat 420



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Feel free to contact us and co create a new reality for street cats around the world with the Cosmic Cats 420 team!

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